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Arabella Ross
Address:  Southington House, Southington, Overton, Hampshire, RG25 3DA

Telephone:  01256 770288

Fax:  01256 772991

Directions:  From Basingstoke or Whitchurch, the B3400 road into Overton - Southington House is on this road, and will be clearly signposted. From Whitchurch, it is after the Overton sign (on the left side of the road).

Opening times:  Will be from 10.00am-5.00pm on each of the following days: Saturday 11, Sunday 12, Monday 13, Tuesday 14 and Saturday 18, Sunday 19, Monday 20, Tuesday 21 and Saturday 25.
Arabella	Ross
Many of the forms and colours that come to life in my work; animals, devils, women, birds, trees, moon etc, are drawn from within. Extracted from my subconscious, they are a distillation of experience, emotion and passion. I work with and draw into the clay in an abandoned way, impressing found objects like starfish, netting, Indian print motifs, coins, pieces of brick, anything that I think will go towards expressing the fullness of a poetic idea and vision.
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