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Caroline Widdop
Address: The Studio, Horseshoe Road, Pangbourne, RG8 7JQ
Telephone: 07957 604632


My paintings are inspired by both personal experience and an intense love of nature, recognizing art in everything I see. I have explored serenity in nature; the tranquil quality of orchids and the cathedral like presence of trees. Recently I have concentrated on close-up and stylised pieces which expose the viewer to detail and form not initially obvious.  Art can be found in the mundane elements of the physical world. In the tube station series of paintings, I imagined symbolic connections creating a very different story from what others may have perceived.

Long Beach

My paintings often are unplanned; I like going with them on a voyage of discovery without always knowing the final destination.  I paint in different styles and these cross-fertilise constantly, providing the energy and inspiration which  drives me on.

If you would like view a gallery of further paintings please view the linked website.

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