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Simon Cooley
Address:  Molebutton Cottage, Cwm Lane, Govilon, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 9RY

Telephone:  01873 830410


Simon Cooley
My work follows several Directions - the head and portrait, sculpture for site-specific commissions, and work, which originates through the consideration of a particular piece of music. I work in clay for casting into metal etc, stone for carving, and steel for forging. In my current work with music, the emphasis is on drawing within the 'real' time of the music, creating a calligraphic form, which results in forged steel sculptures.
Simon Cooley
Relationships between music and sculpture, the aural and visual, fascinate me. This began with a long collaboration with the late great jazz drummer, composer and bandleader John Stevens, whose dedication to free spontaneous improvisation has been a profound influence. My work begins as drawings made to music resulting in sculptures made from forged steel, plaster and stone. Continuing the spirit of collaboration I will also be at the Living Rainforest making a sculpture involving public participation.

Although he has have moved, Simon is still very active in the Newbury Arts scene and has taken part in Open Studios 2004.
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