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8th December

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  11 December

Book Signing


A free event at which you can meet authors, buy signed books and enjoy the lovely warm welcome of a traditional country pub. We are also looking for authors to take part - if that's you, please contact Tim at the Red House.



Continuing this week


  30 Nov - 10 Dec



Unexpectedly fascinating and funny, John Hodge's blistering play depicts a lethal game of cat and mouse through which the appalling compromises and humiliations inflicted on any artist by those with power are held up to scrutiny.

Killing my enemies is easy.  The challenge is to control their minds.  And I think I controlled yours pretty well.  In years to come, I'll be able to say; "Bulgakov"  Yeah, we even trained him. He gave up.  He saw the light.  We broke him, we can break anybody.  It's man versus monster, Mikhail, and the monster always wins.

New Era Players

  5 Nov - 28 Jan

Personal Reflections


Part of the Art in the Foyer series of exhibitions. Free Entry.

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