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15th June

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New Era Players

  6 Jun - 15 Jun

All My Sons


All My Sons is a very powerful play primarily about deception, its consequences, and survival; that is survival of family life and the American way of life in the 1950's.

The setting is the backyard of an American house of the period during late Summer and early Autumn. The plot is somewhat complex but begins to be revealed from the first few pages and so we begin to understand how that will develop very early on.

Miller's origins of the play were prompted by a conversation when he heard a pious lady speak of a family which had been destroyed when a daughter turned her father in to the authorities for selling faulty machinery to the Army. All My Sons is based around the same theme but the 'crime' in Miller's play deals with one that was committed long ago and has since forever haunted the Keller family.

Whilst this is a dramatic play it also has great humour, and is delightfully sardonic and American in style.

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