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21st March

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Haydn: The Seasons

  23 March

Haydn - The Seasons


The Seasons was one of Joseph Haydn's last major works, the first performance being in 1801. As befits the depiction of nature, it is full of light and shade, joy and foreboding, tranquillity and turbulence as humans and nature interact. The work is divided into four sections, each dealing with a particular season. It is related by Lucas, Simon and Jane as soloists, and a chorus of rustics who rejoice in the broaching of the new wine, take part in a rousing hunting chorus and cower beneath the threat of a thunderstorm.

As well as the lyricism and tunefulness for which Haydn is justly famous, he also displays his skill in creating atmospheric 'tone-pictures', such as his depiction of a gentle nightfall, a new dawn or a ploughman whistling (one of Haydn's own tunes!) as he toils away.

Cathal Garvey and Newbury Choral Society look forward to performing this important work from a prolific and innovative composer, together with professional soloists and Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra.


Greenham Control Tower

  27 March

The Brylcreem Boys

by Peter Durrant


A rehearsed reading by students from Park House School.

1944 Aircraftman George Nunn falls asleep while guarding an airfield, and is taken to hospital suffering from frostbite. He is initially bemused by the odd behaviour of the other patients, all RAF bomber crew. But he comes to understand it when they re-enact their experience of the ill-fated raid on Nuremberg.



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The Tempest

  14 Mar - 23 Mar

The Tempest


Oh brave new world?.

Twelve years have passed since Prospero was overthrown. Now the tempest he has conjured up brings his enemies within reach of his island. With a cast of larger than life characters including a monster, a drunken butler and jester, and a mercurial sprite will his magic be strong enough to bring about the revenge he seeks?

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