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The Embroiderers' Guild is the UK's leading craft organisation, a self-funding educational charity and registered museum which promotes embroidery and provides access to its resources and skills for the benefit of the whole community. The Guild promotes embroidery as being all work stitched or derived from stitch.

Quilting Patterns for Beginners to Advanced.

Needlepoint news, projects, resources - building a 'community of stitchers'.

Soper Lane is a group of women who have studied the working lives of fifteenth century silkwomen. Soper Lane members are continually researching and adding to their information on the techniques and materials used by fifteenth century silkwomen.

Quilts and Quilting: Our Favorites

At Aion there are a number of very different areas that make up this distinctly British site with something for everyone interested in cross stitch or hand embroidery.

Fibrearts online, the internet Connection to the FibreArts Community.

A Guide to Removing Wine, Blood, Lipstick and other Stains!
This guide provides tips for dealing with almost every kind of stain a person and their family will encounter.

The Embroiderers' Guild of America, "fostering the highest standards of excellence in the practice of the art of embroidery through an active program of education and study and to preserve the heritage of the art of embroidery".

The Computer Textile Design Group is an association of people who work with computers in embroidery, surface design, screen printing, patchwork, quilting, knitting, beading, lace-making and other textile activities.

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