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4th June

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Continuing this week

The Time Machine

  27 May - 21 Jun

The Time Machine: A Virtual Reality


Strap yourselves in. Leave your notions of sanity and predictability at the door.

Inspired by HG Wells' The Time Machine, Creation Theatre takes audiences on a journey through the wormhole and into a world in which time travel has resulted in thousands of parallel universes.

Writer Jonathan Holloway pulls apart the novel, re-invents it for our new digital stage, and pieces it back together to create a world in which the present is endlessly shifting and the future is strange and uncertain. Travellers tinker with timelines causing people's names, faces and indeed the colour of their socks to change without warning.

This surreal and psychedelic adventure draws on cutting edge research, from the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, which challenges our perceptions and raises important questions about the future of neuroscience, big data, genomics and global connectedness for our current world.

Expect the unexpected and prepare to be provoked on this journey into the unknown.

BOOK NOW: 01865 766266

Performances run Wednesday - Sunday, at 7pm & 9pm on weekdays, and 6pm & 8pm on weekends. £20 per device.

Nocturn Dance

  13 May - 27 Aug

Dance At Home!


Dance At Home! Join in our prerecorded & online live streamed contemporary classes.

CLASS LITE - £20 monthly subscription


Downloadable weekly pre-recorded contemporary technique sequences, broken down into manageable chunks.

Ideal for developing your contemporary skills without the need for being on the internet or confined indoors (just remember to observe current Government guidance).

Once a month interactive instruction in a Zoom class with John Darvell.

Tutorial Request. Send us a message with your idea about a new lesson, and we will get on to it. One request per month.

Thank you message and a shout out on our social media when you join us.

See your name included in our list of supporters.

Our quarterly newsletter.

Both Class Lite and Premier All Access means that our sessions will run throughout summer. We are excited to say you will now get up to 6 months? worth of online sessions instead or our normal 11 week term.

BOOK NOW at https://www.nocturndance.co.uk/classandworkshops

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